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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Image Editing with Pixelmator

In this unit, we will learn how to manipulate images in Pixelmator, which is an alternative program to Photoshop.

Unit Question

"How can I manipulate images to create collages and special effects?"

Begin by downloading a free trial of Pixelmator here
NB Once you have downloaded and installed Pixelmator, you will only have 30 days to complete any image editing projects you start!

We cover and try out the following features of Pixelmator in lessons. If you would like to review anything, see below.

From http://www.ifrick.ch/2011/06/pixelmator-2-0-sneak-preview-macht-laune/
[Accessed August 2015]

Introduction to Layers

Practice 1

Create an image with at least 3 layers. Post the image in your blog, linking to the original images you used (credits). The title is Layers in Pixelmator and the tags are Pixelmator, Image Layers & Digital Literacy

Customise the Tools Palette

Practice 2

Add 2 things to your palette and remove 2 things from your palette. Post a screen shot of the items in your blog and explain what they do. The title is Pixelmator Palette and the tags are Pixelmator Digital Literacy.

Practice 3

Blend 2 images - you can use pictures of animals as in the example. Post this to your blog and explain the steps. Remember to include picture credits! The title is Blending Images and the tags is Pixelmator.


  • Create a collage to use as the front cover of your Reader-Writer Notebook
  • Use personal images and images from the public domain only, which reflect the important things in your life
  • Insert your collage into a blog post
  • Title = Collage
  • Labels = collage, image editing, Pixelmator, assignment, notebook cover

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